Ocean Conservation Through Adventure

Using a wholly sustainable approach to yachting, by highlighting and promoting simple lifestyle changes which everyone can make to benefit our planet.

Showcasing the world’s most stunning island destinations while positively impacting the local community & ecosystems.

Engaging guests & crew in meaningful citizen science opportunities, ocean clean-up initiatives, and various marine conservation efforts.

Modeling the feasibility of sustainable lifestyle experiences which benefit, rather than harm the marine environment.

Positive Impact Vacations

CetoSea is the first adventure sailing company to provide overwhelmingly sustainable, and ecologically net-positive impact trips in the world’s most stunning destinations. Join us on a uniquely curated sustainable ocean adventure aboard a modern and comfortable eco-yacht. See the world under sail from the stable platform of a luxury catamaran.


Explore the World Without Leaving a Harmful Footprint

We’ve made it our mission to offer travelers and explorers, like yourself, a sustainable and environmentally-responsible model for cruising the Caribbean without sacrificing any of the usual comfort you’d expect from a modern sailing yacht.

By investing enormously into advanced systems onboard vessels and working closely with environmental conservation organizations to research and clean up waste & marine debris in our waters, we’re making our entire operation ocean-friendly. This means that when you sail with us, your journeys above and below the sea will actually benefit the environments you explore.

Ultimately, we want to show you the beautiful sites and exquisite biomes our world has to offer while positively contributing to the surrounding ecosystems in unique, creative, unmatched ways.

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