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Delivering Meaningful Ocean Experiences

At the core of every CetoSea experience is an unrivaled commitment to preserving the health & diversity of the sea, through direct and indirect action. We offer unique solutions for ocean-lovers by incorporating sustainability & ocean conservation into all our operations. 


Offshore Support (New!)

File your Float Plan with CetoSea and let our team of ocean experts and USCG partners be your safety net while underway. Now offering professional tracking, monitoring, and communication services for vessels offshore. Flexible subscription options!


Yacht Delivery

Need your vessel relocated? With 80,000nm logged at sea, we've honed an approach centered around safety and practical efficiency. CetoSea encourages owners to assist in the process whether from ashore or aboard the trip, exceeding standards in the industry.


Consulting & Management

Offering comprehensive services for businesses (or yachts) along their sustainability journey. From vessel system design to corporate Sustainability Plans, CetoSea’s unique perspectives create custom strategies for any project, in-person or remotely.


Yacht Brokerage

Interested in buying or selling a yacht? Our practical approach to yacht sales puts YOU in control with efficient and affordable solutions tailored to each client. Featuring fully-remote or in-person services to handle sales around the globe.


Yacht Charter

As your charter agent, we have access to the lowest rates for global fleets of catamarans and monohulls year round. Bareboat or crewed, bring your ocean experience to the next level, and create your perfect vacation in paradise with CetoSea.


Education & Training

CetoSea’s founder is a USCG 100ton Master Captain & certified ASA and US Sailing Instructor, teaching sailors of all ages and skill levels. Sail training and education is his passion, and we teach everything from basic sailing to celestial navigation and offshore passagemaking.

Sustainability at Our Core

Founded on the premise that ocean lovers should strive to leave the marine environment better than they found it, we believe in full-spectrum sustainability: environmental, sociocultural, and economic. With no detail overlooked, we’re the first in the yachting industry to implement a comprehensive Sustainability Plan centered around ocean conservation. At a time when the future health of our seas couldn’t be more critical, CetoSea believes ALL ocean lovers should do more to integrate sustainability into their operations; that’s why we set the standard for actionable change within our industry.

Taking steps to reduce our impact and operate in a more sustainable way across all company directives.

  • Eliminate single-use plastics aboard vessels.
  • Reduce, Repurpose, Reuse, & Recycle.
  • Thoughtfully sourced products.
  • Improved sailing performance & efficiency.
  • Travel-related carbon offsets.
  • Rain water collection systems.
  • Reducing emissions from ship’s engines.
  • Minimizing product shipping emissions.
  • Locally-sourced & minimally packaged food.
  • Green volunteering & cultural exchange.
  • Economic sustainability in action.

Positively encouraging others within our industry to implement efforts for a sustainable ocean future.

  • Highlighting ocean conservation topics through social media and direct client interactions.
  • Promoting efforts which aim to positively influence the ocean environment.
  • Championing partners who enact measurable change for a healthy ocean.
  • Exploring the use of novel technologies within the scope of ocean sustainability.
  • Encouraging efforts to increase marine biodiversity by reducing harm caused by human effects.
  • Supporting community decisions related to ocean health and marine debris with qualified input.
  • Advocating for private- and public-sector measures which accurately & effectively value ocean resources.

Removal of marine debris and plastic pollution from pristine ocean & coastal environments.

  • Conducting beach clean-up events during sailing yacht charter vacations.
  • Quantifying and collecting ocean plastics encountered while offshore.
  • Reducing pollution in mangrove environments.
  • Removing marine debris from coral reef during SCUBA trips.
  • Educating clients on sustainable waste management efforts aboard vessel.
  • Supporting responsible waste treatment & disposal efforts ashore.
  • Partnering with local organizations to support regular ocean clean-up efforts.

Citizen-science research to help understand the scale of various ocean health topics.

  • Ocean microplastic density sampling
  • Coastal micro/macroplastic disperal
  • Blue Carbon sequestration mapping & improving mangrove health
  • Coral reef bleaching, disease, and biodiversity
  • Marine organism diversification and managing invasive species
  • Ocean temperature, salinity, acidification, and dissolved O2/CO2 levels

Resources to Navigate With Ease

Explore our Resources tabs to expand your connection to the ocean and browse opportunities in the sailing & ocean science world.

Ocean Action Starts With You

Whether you’re a yacht owner or adventure-seeker, we’d love to hear from you and get started working together to achieve your ocean dreams!

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